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The radiology department at Camry Hospital is a highly technical department that encompasses the latest equipment and sophisticated machinery. Through the use of these devices, we are able to make effective diagnoses for both straightforward and complicated medical problems. Our radiology services have so far been pivotal in the treatments we offer to our patients. 

Every day, hundreds of radiological services are sought at our hospital for the treatment of adults, children, and babies. These examinations are performed by trained technicians who have education and experience in working with cutting-edge equipment. Examples include mammograms, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and the USGS. Aside from these, there is also angiography and other invasive examinations.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans for the abdomen, breast, brain, and heart are also part of radiology. The CT scans done at the Camry Hospital are for the abdomen, brain, and cardio. That aside, there are three kinds of mammograms: digital, stereotactic, and bone density. In radiology departments, ultrasounds are done for gynaecological reasons on small body parts as well as the usual abdomen, breast, and heart. Biopsies are one of the major advanced radiological services offered today.

Our Expert Specialists

MBBS, MD(Radio Diagnosis/Radiology)
Consultant Radiologist