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Nephrology & Dialysis

Nephrology is the branch of medical health science that deals with and focuses on the health, function, diseases, and treatments related to the kidneys.

It involves the use of certain medicines to restore kidney functions, eating diets to improve kidney health, and performing certain surgeries or treatments to cure kidney diseases. A kidney is one of the most important organs as it removes all the extra fluid and waste from the body. It is our kidneys that maintain a balance of minerals, salt, and water. It is also true that no human being can live without a kidney, and if waste is not removed from the body, it can lead to severe diseases.

The department of nephrology has a state-of-the-art dialysis centre to provide hemodialysis to patients suffering from kidney failure. A CT scan of the kidneys is one of the best tests to find out the status of the kidneys. Regular monitoring of the kidney function test, which is done through the blood, is also very useful in maintaining the health of the kidneys.

They carry out crucial tasks like:

  • Getting rid of waste materials and extra fluid in the blood
  • Removing acids from the body that are produced by specific cells and maintaining the electrolyte balance
  • Producing hormones that control blood pressure and stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells

Other ailments that result in kidney diseases include:

  • Immune system conditions
  • Infections of the urinary tract, such as pyelonephritis
  • AIDS, HIV, and chronic viral diseases like hepatitis B and C
  • Inflammation of the kidney’s glomeruli
  • Conditions that are inherited, such as polycystic kidney disease

Our Expert Specialists

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Consultant Nephrologist

MBBS, DNB(Gen. Med), DNB(Nephrology)
Consultant Nephrologist

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Consultant Nephrologist