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General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is one of the main departments in the hospital and provides general medical care for adult patients. Acute and chronic infections, metabolic disorders like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders, liver disorders, renal disorders, cardiac disorders, neurological conditions, nutritional problems, geriatric care, hematological disorders, and critical care illnesses are among the common medical conditions treated.

Our general practitioners do a physical examination of the patient before advising on any necessary diagnostic tests or procedures. A final diagnosis is then made by correlating the results of these tests with the symptoms, the general physical examination, and other factors. Depending on the final diagnosis, the general physician either gives the necessary treatment (usually medication) to the patient or refers them to a specialty department for further treatment.

Our Expert Specialists

MBBS, MD(Gen. Med)
Consultant General Physician

MBBS, MD(Gen. Med), DM(Cardiology)
Consultant General Physician


Dr Akash Deep
MBBS, DNB (Gen. Med)
Consultant General Physician